May 30, 2012

...And we're back!

I only just now realized that it's been nearly a month since posting anything -- yikes!  The Comics Fest pretty well took over my life for a while there, so I'll be getting back to my semi-regular schedule soon, including a Comics Fest report back.

In the meantime, though, I'm proud to announce that I've inspired a fellow blogging librarian to read and review her first graphic novel!  Megan Lawson, marketing and development intern at Durham County Library and recent graduate of NC Central University's library science program, has started a blog entitled Reading, Writing, and Recipes to keep her, well, reading, writing and creating (food and otherwise). She was an early subscriber to my NextReads newsletter and followed my recommendation to pick up Comics Fest guest Nate Powell's award-winning Swallow Me Whole. I'm still trying to grasp how to recommend comics to folks who are new to the medium, so it's good to know that Megan found this to be "a great graphic novel to begin with".

Thanks, Megan!


Rob Clough said...


I tend to recommend things to folks based on their academic or artistic interests. With a background in lit, I recommended more literary comics to her, based on the idea that she liked Swallow Me Whole.

In general, it's hard to go wrong recommending Fun Home or Maus to anyone with a literary background. But I love humor as well, and enjoy recommending Michael Kupperman, Kate Beaton and Jason as well.

Patrick Holt said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Rob! Like I said in the post, still struggling with it. I'd enjoy speaking with you at length about it sometime.