July 24, 2012

Elsewhere: Comics and ... Medicine???

By way of the illustration and cartooning blog Drawn,1 I learned that I just missed a conference in Toronto with the intriguing name of "Comics & Medicine: Navigating the Margins".  This unexpected pairing resulted in appearances by Joyce Brabner (wife of Harvey Pekar and co-writer of Our Cancer Year) and Joyce Farmer (cartoonist of Special Exits and contributor to Wimmin's Comics). Conference sessions, panel discussions and workshops included:
  • "Setting the context: Developments in graphic medicine" with Paul Gravett
  • "Communicating vessels and discursive virulence in Black Hole" with J. Ryan Marks
  • "Re-signifying disability in popular culture: Mental illness as magic realism narrative in Love and Rockets" with Catherine Duchastel
  • "Fact and confliction: The psychodynamics of creating a comic memoir" with Neil Phillips 
  • "Aging, Memory, and the Body in Jeff Lemire's Essex County" with Katie Mullins 
...and much more.  I'm no doctor, but I would love to have sat in on these lectures.  Bonus: there's a whole Comics in Medicine blog! Fascinating stuff.

Durham County Library patrons may find most of the works mentioned in this post at the library: Joyce Farmer's Special Exits, Charles Burns' Black Hole, Jaime Hernandez's Love and Rockets books, works by Jeff Lemire (Essex County).

Image © Tom Ferrer
1. Thanks to Tom Harris for the referral to Drawn!

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